Congratulations to Milon Whittier of Lyons OR, the winner of our 2023 raffle of a 2017 Experimental J3 Cub.  Stay tuned for the announcement of our upcoming 2024 raffle.


2017 Experimental Cub N22NK

This Experimental J3 Cub is inspired by the current "legends" in the cub world.  This Light Sport LSA aircraft is uniquely set up to solo from the front or the back.  At 100Hp it also has the ability to take off short and climb fast.

Currently has less than 100 hours TT

Factory New Wag Aero Frame
Dakota Cub Wings w/ Metal Spar
Wing root 11 gallon tank for a total of 22 gallons (20 useable)
Grove disk brakes 
8.00 Tires
WAT Nav and Strobe Lights

O-200 with <100 hrs TSMO
Skytec starter 
Electrical Generator
Legends Cub Exhaust

Becker AR6021 Radio
Bendix King KT76A Transponder
EI Tachometer
EI Oil Pressure / Temperature combo


2022 Raffle
Michael Miller of Okmeos MI won the 2022 drawing for our 1976 American Aviation Grumman AA1B that was held September 17th 2022 at the Riverside Airport (KRVS). Shown here is Michael taking his first ride in his new plane before it was ferried to his home airport.

2021 Raffle
Colleen Hofer of Velva, North Dakota won the 2021 drawing for our Aeronca Tandem Defender was held September 11th, 2021 at the Claremore Regional Airport (KGCM).  Shown here is a picture of Colleen’s new plane moments after it arrived to her home field near Minot, ND.

Oklahoma Airmen Flying Club
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